KidTOPICS - Health/Safety Tips – 4th of July

Birthday celebrations are always special, including the 4th of July celebration (for our US browsers). Although it is a favorite vacation season, it is also one filled with injuries and accidents. When celebrating, take into consideration the following tips:

bullet Ensure that each child wear the proper seating restraints in cars while traveling by following the laws of the states you are going to be traveling through. Keep all children under 12 in the back seat, away from passenger airbags.
bullet Be cautious about having toddlers and small children near railings and steep stairs on decks and porches.
bullet Be careful with toddlers and children around campfires. The must be supervised closely, especially when participating in cooking marshmallows, popcorn, etc.
bullet Make sure children do not eat and swim at the same time. This avoids the risk of aspirating food down the wind pipe while swimming.
bullet Follow strict water safety rules during this holiday. See our detailed description of water safety tips.
bullet Follow proper boating rules of your state/county; be sure each child wears a life preserver when traveling in a boat.
bullet When riding a bicycle, skateboarding and roller-blading, be sure you and your child wear proper helmets and arm/wrist/knee pads.
bullet Cook all meat products well done, especially hamburger and pork. Do not allow raw meat to set out in the warm for extended periods of time. Consider using a meat thermometer to ensure the temperature inside the food is adequate to kill bacteria..
bullet Have all babies and children that are exposed to the sun wear a large-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a quality sun block with an SPF of at least 15. Reapply sun block after swimming, even if it states it is water-proof.


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