We've had a strong Web presence since 1999, providing a convenient way for parents of babies, toddlers and children to review recommendations made by their pediatricians. In the last few years, we've  become a leading resource for students and young doctors interested in becoming a pediatrician.

Our goal is to provide current, concise and easy-to-understand health and safety information to parents.  In educating parents, we aim to heighten awareness of children's safety issues thus preventing avoidable accidents.  

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For Future Pediatricians! 

Becoming a Pediatrician: The Bottom Line -Education, Salaries, and what it takes!

Getting Into Medical School: The Bottom Line

A Pediatrician's Lifestyle - is it right for you? - A day in the life of a pediatrician...

Become "Pre-Meducated" - a Pre-Med Medical Mission Trip experience that you MUST take if you want to learn if medicine is the right career for you!

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For Parents 

Financial Health for New Parents/Families

Your Obese Child - Tips to Help Them Control Their Weight

US Poison Control Numbers - Interactive map of ALL US state poison control centers - BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR EMERGENCY ACCESS

Pediatric Development Information Sheets  - Age-specific details for routine well-child check up visits from birth through adolescence - called "Anticipatory Guidance" by pediatricians.  This information will educate parents properly - an educated parent is a better parent!   Download and print BEFORE seeing your pediatrician at your child's next check-up!   Share them with "your pediatrician" to use in their practice.

KidTOPIC Parenting Tips - Various topics to help with your parenting skills!  Original content found only at YourPediatrician.com.   

On-line Calculators - goal exercise heart rate and daily calorie needs based on your child's age and size. 

Growth Charts - used by your own pediatrician!

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